"It is safe to say that while the South is hardly Christ-centered, it is most certainly Christ-haunted." - Flannery O'Connor
4theloveofgods sent: Norse and Celtic mostly and anything else you know of. Sometimes I just want to collect knowledge.

I’m afraid I’m not inclined to go through the process with every culture I can think of but here are some quick suggestions.

For Norse, you might try Dr. Stephen Mitchell  as he teaches Scandinavian folklore courses at Harvard and Dr. Heather O’Donoghue as she teaches Old Norse and Icelandic Literature at Oxford university and is able to read the old languages.

They have a good few books between them to last you, and I assure you the next best way to find another book/article to read is to check their citations. They will be basically handing you a list of writing scholarly enough for them to reference.

However, for Celtic, I would suggest contacting tchy for his recommendations. I believe he has taken some courses at his university regarding the subject so might have a quite amazing list of books on hand.

4theloveofgods sent: Do you know the names of the books by Harvard professors, because some times the neo-pagan stuff makes me want to ram my head through a brick wall.

What culture or religion are you looking for in specific?

Why is it so hard for the pagan community to buy research material that isn’t aimed specifically at neo-pagans?

It’s as if they fear that buying a book written by a Harvard professor will make them some sort of unbeliever. 

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Anonymous sent: (thelefthands) do you have a skype or some other source/group to bounce ideas off of? I haven't read the bible in years and found my families one which is about 4 inches thick and covered in gold leaf. I think it's a good starting point for my blog.

Actually, no.

I just bought a chromebook so I’m unable to use…practically everything.

But it is in a pretty color.

still ranting…


Christian propaganda also isn’t what I visit #pagan tag for. :(

Christian propaganda & more untagged porn again.
Can it be worse.

It could be misinformation and unsourced art of white girls in bohemian attire!

Oh, wait…

Anonymous sent: (thelefthands here again) I keep trying to find Luciferian or satanist blogs, and I just laugh whenever someone post supernatural fanart amongst pictures of angels without knowing where it's from. I laugh doubly hard if they are unknowingly posting shippy stuff. it's so hard not to laugh.

Good Lord. I’m glad you manage to laugh, because that’s one of those situations where I would probably scream instead.

I would recommend siljes-grimoire, luxettenebris, finntheluciferian, wanderinglistener and satansfrontlines as blogs you may prefer to follow in regards to Luciferianism and Satanism.

Though neither of the above faiths, I would also recommend carpeumbra and littledoomwitch if you’re interested in demonology as well. 

Anonymous sent: This is (thelefthands) newly exposed and exploring luciferianism and am wondering if I could list your blog on the network (lefthandnetwork) I'm trying to form for Luciferians and the like. It's mostly reference for me so I can see what others are thinking and possibly so others can use it as a reference or to bounce ideas/art/etcetera off of. Also wondering if you can recommend any historical texts or books that have some history to them.

You’re more then welcome to list my blog, though I would prefer you made it clear that I am a Satanist and not a Luciferian.

I do have a resource page, but save for the religious texts themselves, the texts which I prefer aren’t terribly old. As fascinating as older research is, there are certain things I avoid trusting it on…and properly portraying religious context of Judaism or Islam is one of those.

Perhaps, I’m misunderstanding the question?

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I have such an intellectual crush on whoreofabaddon, it’s so bad. 

I just want to sit at her feet and absorb all of the knowledge she puts forth and take it into myself to become a better person in life and in faith.

I swear, if I had met you when I was still questioning where to go spiritually and religiously after my long years of depression, I almost certainly would have considered Satanism or Luciferianism.  Hell, you make me consider it most days, to be honest, even now that I have devoted myself to a number of gods, demons, and angels.


You’re far too sweet to me, dear.

…I wish I could say my crush was intellectual. It would sound far more noble that way.

My crushes are never intellectual.

They’re always very “Shh, baby, stop talking or you’ll ruin this for me.”